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Unique Space-Saving Ideas!


5 Reasons Why People Hoard
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DIY Organizing Ideas
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Kitchen Organizing Tips
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Top 10 Things Clients Say
Unique Space-Saving Ideas
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From the Desk of an Organizer

June 2013

DIY Organizing Ideas!

Bay Area Professional Organizer

Stop Staring at Clutter--Get Organized with Kiera Rain

"If you have to dust it, you’d better love it." --Anonymous

Save Space and Time by Organizing Your Clothes Drawers!

Simply roll up your shirts so you can see them clearly and save space in your drawers! You can also fold and just have them laying vertically instead of laying flat.

Organizing on the Dollar!

Use broom mounts to organize your spices on the inside of your pantry door!

Remove Yourself from Paper/Email/Calling Spam!

Get Removed from Junk Mail Lists to Go Green, De-Clutter and Protect Your Family from ID Theft!

How much junk mail do you receive each month? Artist Annette Lawrence decided to find out--and make a statement with hers. Lawrence saved every scrap of unsolicited mail she received at her home for 13 months and used it to create an exhibit called Free Paper, which showed at the Flatbed Gallery. The grand total? 265 lbs over 395 days. Source: Associated Press
10 Ways to Opt Out of Junk Mailing Lists

Sick of Paper Clutter?

"Happiness is a place between too little and too much."  -Finnish proverb

Organizing Tips

Sick of Paper Clutter? Open your mail as SOON as you handle it--recycle excess paper like junk mail, envelopes and flyers inside bills. If there's no dispute, a need to take back the item, or a tax write-off advantage, purge the extra papers/bills/receipts you've unnecessarily been holding onto. File what you need to keep--recycle the rest. Create the following folders to keep in the very front of your file cabinet: "To Pay," "To Do--Now," "To Do--Personal," To Do--Work.

Let's Organize the Medicine Cabinets!

"Early in my career I felt that organization would destroy my creativity. Whereas now, I feel the opposite." -Verna Gibson, West Virginia

Organizing Tips

Let's Organize the Medicine Cabinets!
You should be going through your medicine cabinet at least once every six months to purge anything expired and stock up on any essentials you need. Keep all your medicines in one spot instead of multiple bathroom cabinets, in the kitchen and under sinks, in night stand drawers, kitchen junk drawers, on counter tops.

Got Clutter? Donate & Recycle!

"About 80% of the clutter in your home is a result of disorganization, not lack of space." -National Soap & Detergent Association

Organizing Tips

Bags, Bags and More Bags! And, o, those boxes too! And all those containers, baskets, and more stuff to stuff stuff in. 

Almost 100% of my clients have an abundance of bags, boxes and containers that they think they need to hold on to for multiple reasons: to get organized, take back an item, store an item, saving it for the next move, had 'em so they kept 'em mentality, might use them in the future, etc.

Got Gift Guilt?

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan."  --Eleanor Roosevelt

Organizing Tips

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to ALL the Mothers out there, whether bio, step, foster, adoptive, grand, great-grand, mom to furbabies, or otherwise! We appreciate YOU and all that you do, all the caring you have and all the time you give! Thank You!

And on the Topic of Mother's Day, comes the topic of Gifts, which brings us to this week's topic for Organizing Tips: Got Gift Guilt?

Let's Organize the Pantry!

"Americans' garages are filled with stuff, stuff and more stuff.  Just one thing is
often missing: cars."  -Associated Press

Organizing Tips

Let's Organize the Pantry!
First things first--rummage through your fridge and cabinets and throw out all the expired foods (start doing this on a weekly basis--the day before trash day--it'll keep you on top of preparing foods and eating left-overs before they go bad). Take things out of their packaging and containers for recycling.

Speed Networking Fundraiser for American Cancer Society! (Concord)

Hi, Folks! Kiera Rain, Bay Area Professional Organizer, and Cheryl Duncan, Financial Advisor with Waddell and Reed in Concord, are teaming up to host an amazing evening of networking and fun to raise awareness, support and funds for the American Cancer Society! Kiera's last Speed Networking ACS event in February at Laptop Lounge in Walnut Creek ended up being over 75 people, and raised over $700 post chair rental fees! THIS time, we have a BIGGER space, FREE chairs, and more experience to make this round even bigger, badder and better!